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Dec 10, 2013 6:00am EST
perspective. rock obama shaking hands with raul castro. is 100 years old and it cost many millions to restore and modernize. the other option is to build a brand-new stadium, $450 million cost to taxpayers. our next guest is a partner at innovative sports entertainment and he watches the new york rangers win the stanley cup as president of madison square garden. >> will not see it this year. >> let's not go there. as you look at the new stadiums being built, much on the public time, who is demanding the creation of these new arenas? team owner. obviously in certain markets the only way to get a new facility is to get a mixture of the team owner, public and private. we had facilities built in new york in the past five years where there was no public money involved -- >> that it does cause the public. >> it does. certainly in atlanta. atlanta is putting up about half the money on a public basis. the public is going to have to repay the debt, the principal, there will be incremental taxes, incremental taxes on my jean, rental cars. the question is whether the public will eventually re
Dec 9, 2013 6:00am EST
year. so it's possible some of these ideas will line up with president obama's own reforms which may be resisted by his intelligence community. >> when it's resisted by the intelligence community, i guess that takes us to whatever the next crisis is, whoever wants to predict that. but does this drift away given the next security crisis for the nation? >> no question that if there were another attack, and these practices were faulted, that would be a disaster. and all efforts to reform them would then stop. and what this letter essentially is arguing is that the economic benefits to the u.s. economy and to these companies outweigh the reduction in risk that arises from these surveillance practices. that's a very controversial point. they're good arguments on both sides of it. and it is in a way the crux of the matter. >> what i found interesting is david kirk patrick was pointing out that you have a lot of tech companies calling on reform of the surveillance practices. but amazon was not one of them. does a company like amazon benefit from these practices? >> the good question. they c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2